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Built by the American Bridge Company at Ambridge, Pa., she was launched and commissioned in 1945, and then served in World War II in general transport service.

In 1946 Polk County was decommissioned.  But with the outbreak of the Korean conflict she was brought back into service and recommissioned in 1950.  During the war, she participated in amphibious assault's.

During the years 1957 through 1959 she visited ports in Canada, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Okinawa, Hong Kong, and Formosa, carrying out her part of our nation's commitment of protecting the free world.



She returned from a seven month deployment in WestPac in May of 1960, having steamed over 25,000 miles while never missing an operational commitment.   In February of 1961 Polk County completed an extensive overhaul adding five years to her service life.

Nine months of 1962 were spent in the Central Pacific area participating in operations with Joint Force 8 in support of Operation Dominic.  She operated from Johnson Island, Christmas Island, and other remote island areas.

The first part of 1963 found Polk County going through another overhaul.   She then departed for MidPac, returning in May of 1964 to again operate for Commander Amphibious Forces, U.S. Pacific fleet, working out of San Diego.

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