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I am really interested in designing a website but our office is so far from yours?

This is not a problem as we specialize in long distance projects. Most work can be done by phone, fax, mail, and the Internet. As a matter of fact the majority of our projects are done without us ever physically meeting our clients.

What are the steps in designing a website?

  1. The first step is to get an understanding of our client's business and industry. We'll usually do some pre-market research of their competitors on the WWW and let our clients know who they are and what they are doing with the web. In addition we will comment on what we think they are doing right and what we think they are doing wrong.

  2. The second step usually entails the client sending us all their marketing material, i.e. brochures, catalogs, newsletters, PR., and other promotional material. From this material as well as information gathered during discussions with our client, we will design a website in a matter that best organizes the client's material and promotes the organizations message or product. We find that most of our clients appreciate the fact that we can design their site with a minimum of their time and without the need of holding our hand throughout the entire project.

  3. Once we finish the initial design the website is submitted to our client for review either via the web or by mail. At this point any changes that the client wishes to make to the design of the website are noted and executed by our web consultants. At Bay Area NetSource we are not offended if our clients don't like our initial design. If the client had something else in mind the project is scraped and we are willing to start over if we have to at no additional cost to our client.

  4. Once the design has been finalized the website is promoted and ready for the world to view. It's that simple!!!


What if we already have a design in mind and/or want to be completely involved in the design?

That is not a problem. We only take over in instances where our clients want us to. We have found that most businesses don't set up a website because they are so busy with other projects that they don't want to start another. That is why we usually take the road to design the site with as little interruption as possible and then submit it for our clients review.


What is the usual length of time to complete a website?

This really depends on the size and complexity of the site. However in most instances we can complete the site and marketing in a 2 week period. Sites can be completed quicker for additional charge if they need to be.


Why should we choose Bay Area NetSource over another web design firm?

At Bay Area NetSource we are completely dedicated to client satisfaction, if our clients are not happy with our work we are not. That is why we are willing to stand by are clients until they are completely satisfied with our work. We know that most firms can design websites that are appealing to the eye, but marketing goes far beyond graphics and design and at Bay Area NetSource we understand this. With Bay Area NetSource you can be assured that you will be working with professionals and not a college student trying to design a website in between finals.

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