A complete, professionally designed, developed, maintained and marketed web site can be yours at a fraction of the cost other web developers charge!

Web Site Design & Development Package

  • Home page and 3 supporting pages; all professionally designed and developed
  • Web site registration on all major search engines
  • Web site hypertext links from appropriate sites
  • Standard graphics; backgrounds, bullets and buttons
  • Free initial design consultation to ensure your satisfaction
  •                 Web Site Design & Development Cost - $100.00!!

    Quarterly Site Hosting Subscription

  • Web site hosting on a fast, reliable web server
  • Search engine re-registration as necessary, continued marketing
  • Review of site "hits" via your on-page counter
  • Continual site support and consultation to ensure your message is being effectively communicated
  • Subscription Cost - $250.00 for a 6 month contract

    Additional Services & Prices

  • Additional pages, above the initial setup, - $30.00/page
  • Updates, upgrades and editing of existing pages - $30.00/hour
  • Graphics design - $50.00/hr
  • Our Server/Your Domain Name - We will provide assistance to register the domain name with one of the registrars.
  • Additional Marketing - 50 Search Engines/$100.00; 100 Search Engines/$175.00
  • Scanning services - $5.00/image
  • Photography services - negotiated with client
  • Quality Services Providing Added-Value to Your Site


    For a free consultation and price estimate call us at (281) 799-1544 or complete our information form.

    A more thorough review of the applications of our services is provided at the bottom of this page.

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    On-line Brochure: This design would be similar to your companies current brochure and other marketing information, but with an electronic twist. It would include graphics and text to market your products or services. This is usually best suited for those organizations wanting to get their message out to a broad range of potential customers.
    Customer Feedback: Web sites can be designed to obtain information from your user's. Information through surveys, questionnaires, or order forms. This can be an attractive feature for those companies that perform marketing research, or canvas clients with information forms or contest cards. Because users don't have to take the time to mail off forms, coupled with the fact that users of the WWW like interactive sites, response rates are usually higher than by traditional canvassing techniques.
    Web Site Maintenance: Do you think that you need expensive computers to get on-line? Well you don't even need a computer. We can store and maintain your web site by one of our service providers at a fraction of the cost.
    Statistical Tracking: Customers placed on our server can track the amount of users that visited their web site through an on page statistical counter. This information can quickly be used to determine if our current marketing plan is working or not.
    Marketing Your Site: After designing your web site our work has only just begun. It's one thing to design a web site worthy for the world to view, but it is another thing to get them there to see it. This is where our marketing expertise takes over. Depending on your particular needs, we will register you in the appropriate malls, search engines, newsgroups, and other sites to ensure that your potential customers will find you.

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